About Us

BusyFamily provides families with specific information about caregivers and facilities for their loved ones, especially elders and children. We offer an expert search team to serve you and give you access to current, unbiased data on local providers anywhere in Canada, available 24/7 via our website and our national bilingual call centre.

Why Join BusyFamily?

The process of finding care providers for your elderly parent, child or yourself can often take hours or days if not weeks of exhaustive online searching and produce inadequate, unqualified results. BusyFamily empowers people to find the professional resources they need within minutes, without the frustration of spending hours on the phone or fruitlessly surfing the Internet.

We cover the full spectrum of personal and family services, listing in-depth descriptions of everything from retirement residences, assisted living homes, nursing homes, nanny agencies, daycare centres and nursery schools to psychotherapists, and geriatric care facilities. Our members are able to order a customized search from our staff and quickly receive a comparative, confidential email or telephone report about the services that best match their needs. Members also have unlimited use of our comprehensive national database and telephone access to our 24/7 bilingual call centre, as well as to informative articles and helpful checklists.

Caring for the Caregiver

Since 1988, we have helped thousands of Canadian families struggling with all types of caregiving concerns - anywhere from needing to research the best retirement homes or nursing homes for an aging parent living across the country - to arranging for transportation and home care for a spouse on a fixed income - even finding daycare centres or specialized therapy for a child with special needs. Whether you are the adult child of an aging parent, the parent of a young or special needs child, or are providing care to a spouse with a chronic condition or other health related concern, we can help!


Resources, Support, Expertise

We have been there for our clients, with a full range of difficult to find resources, practical support and expert advice from our team of Psychologists, and Social Workers with specialties in Gerontology and Child Psychology.

Helping You Find Care - Anywhere in Canada

Our bilingual member-based program, with its extensive database of over 50,000 Canadian service providers has become the leading online destination for family caregivers seeking resources and information for their aging parents, spouses, children - or any family member having special needs, or dealing with a chronic condition such as Diabetes, Dementia, Cancer or Parkinson's.

Support - Your Way

We understand from our many years of experience that some of our clients prefer to find the services and information on their own by visiting our website; while others prefer a more personal approach and choose to call us and have our search team assist them in this process - either way we are here for each and every one of our members to help them find the exact support and care that they need.

Going the Extra Mile

We continue to pride ourselves on our high standards and customer focused approach – oftentimes going to great lengths to find special care for very unique sets of circumstances. The personalized attention we provide our clients has frequently been compared to a concierge-type service. We can walk you through a personalized, detailed plan of care.


Our comprehensive program for family caregivers has been incorporated as an added benefit of group and individual insurance products,
financial advisory services and employee assistance programs - who bring our services to their policy holders, clients and employees in
order to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and/or promote client loyalty.