Frequently Asked Questions

There are other websites with personal and family care information. What’s so special about membership in BusyFamily?

Here are 4 reasons why membership in BusyFamily is special:

  • You will find out about all the most appropriate service providers, not just those who have paid to advertise. BusyFamily uses a team of trained researchers to identify all licensed service providers everywhere in Canada and to telephone-verify detailed information about each provider twice a year. BusyFamily accepts no fees of any kind from listed service providers. The result is the most complete, current and unbiased Canadian database of service providers, with over 44,000 separate records. The majority of BusyFamily searches for our members turn up 10 or more appropriate service providers! Most other web sites list only service providers who have paid an advertising fee to the web site. Some sites depend on service providers themselves to discover their site and send in information to be posted. In either case, the result is an incomplete and sometimes haphazard list of providers.
  • You will have prompt, easy access to our expert Member Support. If you have a special need or just can’t find the service you’re looking for, our expert consultants are available to support your search. You’ll be able to easily access them by e-mail and/or toll free telephone. Most “directory” or “registry” web sites offer no live support. It can be a challenge to even find their telephone number or mailing address.
  • The services you learn about will most closely match your needs. BusyFamily has spent 12 years refining “guided searches” which allow you to pinpoint just the services that really meet your needs in terms of specialized services, locations, costs and availability. Other sites can waste your time by simply giving you general, “boilerplate” lists of services in your town or city.
  • Within seconds, you will have in-depth information about each provider. Our national team of researchers gathers unbiased, detailed information about each service provider. The customized BusyFamily Search Report prepared for you will tell you about each provider’s professional or program specialties, years of experience, staff qualifications, costs and fees, admission requirements, ethnic or religious program affiliations, languages spoken and much more. Compare these profiles with the limited listings of just names, addresses and telephone numbers available on other sites.

Can BusyFamily help me solve my particular kind of problem?

BusyFamily is a valuable resource any time you need complete, unbiased information about professional services to help you with a personal or family care concern. For example, BusyFamily can help you identify the right resources:

...If you’re returning to work and your daughter needs daycare.
...If you need a qualified marriage counsellor.
...If your father is leaving hospital and needs a nursing home.
...If someone you love needs help with a drinking problem.
...If you need to hire a nanny.
...If you need to learn how to better manage stress.
...If your teenager is in serious trouble and needs counselling.
...If you need someone at home to take care of your mother.
...If you need to find out if your child has a learning disability and how to help him.
...If you need professional help with a mood problem.
...If your parents need a retirement residence anywhere in Canada.
...If your son needs a lunch-time and after-school program.

What do people say who have actually used BusyFamily?


"Very good - the article on Safety was very useful for my child. Thank you. I pin the article on my fridge now."
N.T., Vancouver

"Impressed with response time."
S.B., Vancouver

"Quick, fast service. Keep it up."
T.S., Calgary

"I can't think of anything to improve it. It is excellent!"
F.R., Vancouver

"Information came right on time. Great service."
B.F., Calgary

"Great service...found daycare service immediately. Thank you."
A.M., Toronto

"It's super."
C.W., Toronto

"Excellent information service. Thank you."
M.L, St. Catherine

"It was very easy, fast & saved a lot of time."
E.F., Toronto

"Cuts out a lot of the foot work. Thanks."
S.D., Calgary

"Excellent initiative. Text is great."
S.V., Montreal

"I didn't know where to start. This service is a godsend."
S.C., Ottawa

How will BusyFamily save me time and/or help me make better decisions?

7 Ways BusyFamily can save you time and help you make better decisions:

  • Guided Searches: Use our unique Guided Search forms to pinpoint only those professional services which fit your special needs.
  • Referral Requests: Generate a customized, in-depth report on any services for children and teens, self-care services or services for seniors which you need – anywhere in Canada.
  • Reverse Lookup by Phone Number: Find out instantly about any professional service listed in our database, including detailed information on current programs, fees, staff qualifications, commercial status, years in operation, admission requirements and more.
  • Quality Checklists: Know the right questions to ask and what to look for when choosing a day care centre, a nanny, a psychotherapist, an addiction counselor, a home care provider or a nursing home.
  • Financial Help: Get informed about dozens of government assistance programs for families with child care or senior care responsibilities anywhere in Canada. Review our up-to-date descriptions of each financial aid program plus immediately connect with the related government web site for more detailed information and application instructions.
  • Articles for Busy Families: Access any of our extensive list of professional articles and reports on parenting, child care, senior care and personal care. Our articles are written by experts in the field and full of practical ideas and suggestions about caring for those whom you care about most.
  • Internet Best Links: Our staff continuously survey the Internet to find you the best sites for information about parenting, child development, senior care and personal care.You’ll save lots of search time with both our direct links and helpful descriptions for each of the sites we’ve selected.